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Merry Christmas From Our House To Yours (CD)  – Volume 16 – 2020

Xmas CD Cover

Here is our first Christmas CD! Instrumentation includes accordion, guitar/banjo, drums, and pedal steel on a few selections.


A Box Blend (CD) – Volume 14 – 2015

This album features our 4 piece band with accordion, guitar/banjo, drums and electric bass. It’s full of fun polkas and waltzes in the Slovenian style.


Road Trip Special (CD) – Volume 11 – 2009

This album features our full 5 piece band with drums, tuba,
accordion, and horns. The songs and sound are similar to when
the band first started playing in 1988.


Look At Us (CD) – Volume 10 – 2008

This album features our 3 piece band playing all the two steps and a few waltzes that the band gets the most requests for. Every song is sung too!


Heart To Heart (CD) – Volume 9 – 2005

This album contains a little bit of everything the band does from the accordion sounds of Slovenian polkas and waltzes to the oompah of the tuba and horns. Add a few foxtrots and a little country…it’s all there!


The Terry & Becky Show (CD) – Volume 8 – 2002

As the title says, this is an album with just Becky & Terry playing and singing novelty songs. Some of them you might call dirty or bawdy, so if you’re easily offended, this wouldn’t be the album for you. Through their travels, they have encountered many different types of venues to play and at some of them, these are the songs people want to hear. So “If they wan’ it….give it to dem!”

Collections (CD) – Volume 7 – 2002

This album contains a variety of different styles from Slovenian and German polkas & waltzes, to Tex-Mex and country music. It features Becky’s accordion playing and singing… including Patsy Cline’s “Crazy”, which she’s had so many requests for.

Sing Your Dancing Drink (CD) – Volume 6 – 1999

This is definitely your Oktoberfest album! It has all the songs everyone knows and can sing along to. It even includes the Chicken Dance, the Schnitzelbank, and a couple of Ein Prosits!


Ach Ja (CD) – Volume 5 – 1996

Ach Ja is German for “Oh, yes!” This album contains a variety
of polkas, waltzes, and two steps and features the band singing
many of the songs in German.


Coffee Mugs & Towels

Coffee Mug

11oz white ceramic coffee mug with full color image.


Spirit/Hand Towel

12″ X 12″ hunter green 80/20 cotton/poly spirit towel with full color image.