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Barefoot Becky & the Ivanhoe Dutchmen

T-Shirts - $15ea

Gildan - 100% Heavy Cotton



Mint Green












A hoolerie is a style of polka where 2 clarinets or a clarinet and accordion/concertina play the melody in the high register.

This CD contains the country songs we get so many requests for.  

Country Flavor - Volume 15



My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You

Red River Valley, Pistol Packin' Mama, Wedding Bells, Last Cheater's Waltz, Ravishing Ruby, Blackboard Of My Heart, Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind

Roly Poly, Cimarron, Let The Rest Of The World Go By, I love You Honey

When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again

Let The Cowboy Dance, Take  Me Home Country Roads


CD - $15ea


This album features our 4 piece band with accordion, guitar/banjo, drums and electric bass. It's full of fun polkas and waltzes in the Slovenian style.

A Box Blend - Volume 14



Happy Minute Polka, Dreaming Waltz, Ma & Pops Polka, European Waltz, Let's Have a Party, Top of the Hill Polka, Lady of Spring, Alla En El Rancho Grande, Linda Schottische

El Rio Drive, Florence Waltz, Strawberries & Raspberries

Roving Lullaby, Back to Work Polka, Be Loved Be Faithful, Sheboygan Polka


CD  - $15ea

Coffee Mugs

11oz white ceramic coffee mug with full color image. 


Spirit/Hand Towels

12" X 12" hunter green 80/20 cotton/poly spirit towel with full color image.


From 1989-1995 we made 4 albums and released them on cassette. Since cassettes are no longer available we hated to just let all that music go to waist! We had the reel to reel tapes digitally re-mastered and released them on a 2 CD collection set. Now you can hear the early years!

The Early Years - Volume 13



Disc 1

Jolly Musicians Polka, Slow & Easy Waltz, West A Nest And You Dear, Red Raven Polka, Swedes Laendler, Foolish Polka, Evening Shadows Waltz, Johnson Rag, Arnie Petersen's Polka, When We Parted Waltz, Redbird Polka, Starlight Waltz, Jolly Crowd Polka, Summertime Waltz, New Jolly Swiss Boy Polka, Jet Polka, Granny's Waltz, Mosquito Schottische, A Nite in May, My Wife She is Happy, Midnight Waltz, Bobbies Polka, Angry, Clairene Waltz, Twilight in Bohemia, Fireman's Polka, Redhead Polka, Ponderosa Polka


Disc 2

Why Polka, Tavern Waltz, Hobo Polka, Elmer's Tune, Lori's Laendler, Homecoming Waltz, Emil's Polka, Heartaches Waltz, Silver Bells Polka, When The World Keeps on Turning, While You're Away, Musicians Come and Play, Young Widow Polka, Black Crow Polka, Bohemian Forest Waltz, Little Goose Polka, Blue Eyed Dolly Waltz, Rain Rain Polka, Dreamboat Waltz, Apron Waltz, White Horse Polka, Summertime Polka, Huntsman's Waltz, Blossom Waltz, Around & Around Polka


2 CD Set - $25ea


This is our spiritual CD and has many of the songs we perform at polka Masses and services. 

Precious Lord - Volume 12



Chapel In The Valley, Precious Lord Take My Hand, Let Us Sing, Above The Mountain, We Offer Bread And Wine, The Old Rugged Cross, At This Communion, Prayer Of The Faithful, Christ Our Host, You Give Us Sunshine, Under The Skies Of Blue, How Great Thou Art, Happy Song, In The Garden, Apostles' Creed, Let The Son Shine In


CD - $15ea

These are all of the 21 songs we taped on the Mollie B Polka Party for RFD TV in Wahoo, NE on June 2011 

Barefoot Becky & the Ivanhoe Dutchmen performing on the Mollie B Polka Party on RFD TV - 2011

For Me Polka, Blue Skirt Waltz, Anneliese, Red Raven Polka, Wally's Polka, Out Behind The Barn, Beer Barrel Polka, Old Milwaukee Waltz, Vienna Forever, Apple Peaches Pumpkin Pie, Honey Bee Waltz, Black Crow Polka, Around & Around Polka, In The Mountain, Red Apple Hoolerie, Sauerkraut Polka, When It's Springtime In The Rockies, Praha Polka, Butterfly/Flying Dutchmen, No Beer Today, Rain Rain Polka

DVD - $20ea

This album features our full 5 piece band with drums, tuba, accordion and horns. The songs and sound are similar to when the band first started playing 21 years ago.

Road Trip Special - Volume 11



Sauerkraut Polka, Essig Polka, St Paul Waltz,

Schneider Polka, Aunties Waltz, Shanty Town, Enchanted Woods Waltz, On Our Porch Polka,

Wisconsin Waltz, Wally's Polka, Honey Bee Waltz, South, Helena Polka, Sliphorn Leandler

Slow & Easy Laendler, For Me Polka


CD  - $15ea

This album features our 3 piece band

playing all the two steps and a few waltzes that the band gets the most requests for. Every song is sung too!


Look At Us - Volume 10




Look At Us, I Just Wanna Dance With You, Key's In The Mailbox, Ashes Of Love, Could I Have This Dance, Please Release Me, You And Me, Diggy Liggy Lo, Blue Rose Is, Waltz Across Texas, Cryin' Time, Crystal Chandelier, Hey Good Lookin', Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree, Vaya Con Dios



CD - $15ea



This album contains a little bit of everything the band does from the accordion sounds of Slovenian polkas and waltzes to the oompah of the tuba and horns. Add a few foxtrots and a little's all there!

Heart To Heart - Volume 9



Idewards Polka, In the Mountain, Detroit PolkaBechyn's Laendler, Heart To Heart Talk, Carol's Waltz, Country Boy Polka, Seemann

Red Apple Hoolerie, Helvak's Waltz, Red Satin Shoes, Coasting Waltz, I Saw E'Sau Polka, No Namer, Vienna Forever, Waltz Of The Angels



CD - $15ea 



As the title says, this is an album with just Becky & Terry playing and singing novelty songs. Some of them you might call dirty or bawdy, so if you’re easily offended, this wouldn’t be the album for you. Through their travels, they have encountered many different types of venues to play and at some of them, these are the songs people want to hear. So "If they wan’ it....give it to dem!"

Barefoot Becky Presents - Vol 8

The Terry & Becky Show: 

If Dey Wan' It...Give It to Dem! 


Out Behind The Barn, The Gay Cabellero, Farmer's Lament, Man That Comes To Our House, Ice Cubes & Beer, Shaving Cream, Mailman, Dos A Beer, Green grass Of Home, Don't Pet The Dog, Milwaukee Waltz, They're Always In The Way, Home Home Why Go Home 



CD - $15.00ea


This album contains a variety of different styles from Slovenian and German polkas & waltzes to Tex-Mex and country music. It features Becky’s singing including Patsy Cline’s "Crazy" which she’s had so many requests for.

Barefoot Becky - Collections 

Vol. 7 - 2002



Mozarts Polka, Tico Taco, La Dee Da (v),

Galliver's Polka, Crazy (v), Bubi Bubi Noch Einmal (v), Who Stole the Kishka (v), Please Maria Don't You Cry (v), Red Lips & Red Wine, Jodies Waltz, Sweet Nearness of You (v), Tomazic's Polka



CD - $15.00ea



This is definitely your Oktoberfest album! It has all the songs everyone knows and can sing along to including the Chicken Dance, the Schnitzelbank and a couple of Ein Prosits!!

Sing Your Dancing Drink! Vol. 6


Ein Prosit (v), Anna Lisa (v), Beer Barrel (v), Seven Beers With The Wrong Woman (v), Prune Song (v), Lili Marlene (v), Blue Skirt Waltz (v), No Beer Today (v), Schnitzelbank (v)
Aber Dich (v), Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie (v), Pivo (v), So Ein Tag (v), In Heaven There Is No Beer (v), German Medley (v), Bird Dance, Ein Prosit (motorcycle song w/ vocals)



CD - $15.00ea
Ach Ja is German for "Oh, yes!" This album contains a variety of polkas, waltzes, and two steps and features the band singing many of the songs in German.

Ach Ja!! Vol. 5


Das Kufstein Lied (v), Dick's Polka, Does Your Heart Beat For Me (v), Jessica, When The Snow Is On The Roses (v), Andy's Polka, Schweizer Bub (v), Muss I' Denn (v)
Across the Plains, Schnee Waltz (v), Tirol, Tirol, Tirol (v), Lapland Polka, Silver Wings (v), Du Kannst Nicht Treu Sein (v), Green Is Green Polka, Edelweiss (v)

CD - $15.00ea




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